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We believe that a customer-centred approach – one that delivers excellent customer experiences and creates close, value-adding relationships – leads to competitive advantage.

Why it matters

Across all of our work, we focus on putting our customers at the centre of our business and delivering services that truly meet their needs – helping them solve problems and make the most of their opportunities. This dedication to customers is clearly expressed across our five values.

Our business model is based on trust at all levels and in all business environments. A key ingredient in building customer trust is our commitment to never compromise on quality or integrity.

We believe that a customer-centred approach – one that delivers excellent customer experiences and creates close, value-adding relationships – leads to competitive advantage. This approach is at the heart of our 2020 strategy and each of our business areas is tasked with maintaining the highest levels of customer satisfaction.

Customer satisfaction Inline Values

Progress in 2018

Brand survey shows high levels of trust
Maintaining the trust of our customers has enabled DNV GL to grow over its 155-year history. Continuing this is the key to sustaining our success in the future. To understand current levels of trust in DNV GL compared to our competitors, we carried out a global brand survey in March 2018. The survey gained 4,500 responses from customers and potential customers in all sectors and markets where DNV GL is active.
The survey results are very positive. Trust in DNV GL is high, and above comparable firms in our benchmark survey. 75% of respondents gave us a score of six or seven on a seven-point scale. Less than 2% stated low trust (scores of one and two). In addition, 68% of respondents would speak highly of DNV GL to others, with only 7% stating they would be critical. We plan to re-run the brand survey every 2–4 years.
The results also showed that ‘technical expertise’ is the most important criteria when selecting a service provider like DNV GL and ‘acting with integrity’ is in the top five. Other important criteria within the top 20 that clearly link to DNV GL’s purpose and vision are ‘reduces business risk and uncertainty’, ‘improves safety in my organization’ and ‘builds trust with my organization’s stakeholders’.
Customer satisfaction Inline Top five criteria
The brand survey also revealed areas where we can improve. This includes improving the score on ‘being easy to work with’ and ‘increasing awareness of the breadth of services DNV GL has to offer‘.
Customer satisfaction
Each of our business areas measures customer satisfaction separately using measures that are suited to their services and market segment.

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A customer-centred approach to business is anchored in our 2020 business strategy. For DNV GL this approach means:

  • Putting our customers at the centre of our business to deliver services that truly meet their needs, help them solve problems, and make the most of their opportunities.
  • Getting close to our customers, spending time with them, meeting them in their environment, and building relationships and business based on trust.

Our aim is to continually serve our customers in a proactive and responsive way, including using digital solutions to improve their experiences and our cost competitiveness. We continue to focus on developing a more customer-centered working culture, one in which our commitment to customers drives a curiosity and desire to anticipate their needs.

The following actions are central to our approach:

  1. Being easy to do business with is a first, and critical, step that we must get right without compromising on quality or integrity 
  2. Anticipating our customer’s needs – thinking around the corner for them – to reveal new sources of efficiency and revenue 
  3. Creating value for the customer and DNV GL through our expertise and services 
  4. Using our digital transformation to improve the customer experience.

The success of our customer-centred approach is measured by the value we create for the customer through projects, customer satisfaction and market share within our business areas.